• Testimonials

  • I was fortunate to find Patrick and could immediately tell his healing powers are strong and for real. He helps me out with all kinds of different challenges I face in my life and is always spot on in his explanations of what he thinks is going on. I feel very relaxed and but also full of energy after a Reiki treatment with him. In addition he is just such a kind and joyful person to deal with. I cannot say enough good things about Patrick and I am very grateful I found him.

    Orlaith F

  • I would recommend a Reiki Session with Patrick anytime. He is fantastic. I suffer with various health issues and initially went to Patrick for Reiki to help with the stress that I was feeling. I came away with so much more. I've a much more positive outlook on life, cope much better with day to day stuff and my health has improved dramatically. I can honestly say my life is much better for having Reiki in it.

    D McGloin

  • My neck and back has been stiff and unable to turn properly to the left for over 2 years. I have been working on it for some time in various ways, but it was these Reiki session that released it. Thank you Patrick

    Paula F