• Find health, balance and happiness with Reiki

    Welcome to Hazel Tree Reiki Practice Sligo, a peaceful healing space where you can rejuvenate & regenerate your entire being.

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  • Reiki can help improve your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.  Our treatments work on all of these levels allowing your whole energy field to heal.   We can customise our treatments in order to create a personal healing experience for you.  

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  • At Hazeltree Reiki Practice we currently offer 3 levels of Reiki attunement that can be attained, these are Reiki l, Reiki ll and Reiki lll (Mastership)  All are conducted in house in our purposely designed training facility.

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  • At Hazel Tree Reiki practice we deliver our Reiki treatments in a purposely designed environment that has been created to give our clients a truly special experience.  This coupled with an empathetic and caring Reiki practictioner combine to deliver a truly special healing experience.

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  • How can Reiki Healing help me?

    Do you have a health — or happiness — problem you’re trying to solve?It could be anything from staying as healthy and happy as you are now to wondering how you will make it through your next round of chemo. Maybe you suffer from chronic pain or anxiety. You might have an ageing parent or a child on the autism spectrum, and you need support. That's where Hazel Tree Reiki can help. 

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  • I was fortunate to find Patrick and could immediately tell his healing powers are strong and for real. He helps me out with all kinds of different challenges I face in my life and is always spot on in his explanations of what he thinks is going on. I feel very relaxed and but also full of energy after a Reiki treatment with him. In addition he is just such a kind and joyful person to deal with. I cannot say enough good things about Patrick and I am very grateful I found him.

    Orlaith Finnegan

  • I would recommend a Reiki Session with Patrick anytime. He is fantastic. I suffer with various health issues and initially went to Patrick for Reiki to help with the stress that I was feeling. I came away with so much more. I've a much more positive outlook on life, cope much better with day to day stuff and my health has improved dramatically. I can honestly say my life is much better for having Reiki in it.

    D McGloin